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5 Laws Your Company Needs

If you are running a business and would like to carry on its success you have to pay attention to more than just business plans and marketing. Having a solid legal foundation will allow you to maintain that success without risking the potential of legal issues. Laws are volatile and tend to keep evolving, meaning your business has to evolve with them. There is a large number of laws your company must follow but we have listed the five main ones that can affect your business long-term. We strongly advise you to ensure your legal team is fully aware of...

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5 Tips to Help Your Firm Stay Up To Date With Legal Obligations

Laws are constantly getting stricter and harder to evade, which means firms who want to remain compliant have to constantly update their knowledge on new laws and regulations which could affect the way they work. Often companies learn about changes last minute or after the law has already been passed which puts their practice at risk, but, how can a firm ensure it is constantly prepared for any legal updates? Here are the Elia & Elia tips to keep your firm organised and on track with legal legislations: Hire a professional and experienced in-house compliance officer whose sole job...

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