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EVERY Company needs a law firm by its side

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EVERY Company needs a law firm by its side

Why you need a well-respected law firm to support your business

While the majority of business owners consider hiring accountants and insurance agents an integral part of a well-structured organization, they underestimate the importance of having a reputable law firm by their side. A team of experienced lawyers in their portfolio of business advisors for consultation on various issues is a necessary and valuable asset from the inception of a company throughout all its stages.

The “crossing that bridge when we come to it” attitude is a common misconception that could harm the entity of a firm.  To ensure success, firms should be legally protected before potentially finding their businesses in a state of emergency.

Ensuring that you make the right decisions

Consulting with an experienced lawyers’ team can lead business decisions in the right direction. An experienced team of lawyers can solve issues such as what legal entity to use to form a business in the first place and whether to hire employees or independent contractors. They also draft, negotiate and terminate contracts or consult owners on merging or acquiring other businesses.  You can contact the accomplished team of Elia & Elia LLC with over 30 years of experience when uncertain about your next business steps, for advice on any legal issue and any possible ramifications.

Airtight contracts and legal agreements

Solid contracts are the cornerstones of a solid business. A legal team supporting a business guarantees that all contracts are complete, clear, legally enforceable and in the company’s best interests so that clients, contractors and associates may not be able to take advantage of any loopholes in them.

Have an advantage in the event of a lawsuit

When presented with a lawsuit, a team of skillful lawyers who already know the business means a great legal advantage. What is more, a savvy corporate law team will have already structured business contracts ensuring an immediate advantage in a legal dispute.

Avoid legal mistakes

Running a business is a highly complicated process and steering clear of legal pitfalls should be delegated to a team of experts. A specialized lawyers’ team with knowledge of a business can advise firm owners on how to avoid problems that they were unaware of, a process that could prove both money-saving and time-efficient.

Get specialized assistance

An experienced legal team can recognize when additional specialized help is needed. Elia & Elia LLC lawyers will inform you of any required action and seamlessly delegate the accounting, audit and bookkeeping needs of your company to a trusted external associates team. These services are offered to the same high standard as our legal services and businesses benefit from a convenient and informed transfer from one specialized team to another.

Resolve conflicts and problems with non-paying associates

With the intervention of lawyers, conflicts and non-paying issues can be settled quickly with formal requests sent on the company’s behalf. In the event of non-conforming sides, legal action is immediately taken from a team that is already familiar with the business and its contracts providing effective and fast services.