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Litigation Services

Our firm has established and maintains a premier position in the Litigation world in Cyprus since 1989 and has an extensive expertise in litigating almost in every aspect of the Law, on a client-tailored approach. Our experienced litigation team can provide solid advice, whether immediate action is required in an interim order application or in a long standing lawsuit before the District Courts or the Supreme Court of Cyprus.

The services provided by our litigation department, include but are not limited to:

  • Representation in disputes before all courts and tribunals in Cyprus.
  • Case management and guidance, to avoid lengthy and costly lawsuits.
  • Advice on litigation proceedings and procedures.
  • Advice on alternative dispute resolution methods and representation in Arbitration and Mediation bodies, whenever applicable.
  • Arbitrator services.
  • Legal research and preparation of legal opinion papers, in almost every aspect of the Law.

Labour Law

Confident to say, that this is our area of expertise, with a long history of 28 years in this area of practice. Our team can provide specialist advice on all aspects of Cyprus Labour Law, both contentious and non-contentious, in matters ranging from unfair dismissal, redundancy, constructive dismissal, protection of maternity, health and safety and discrimination at the work place. Our firm has been successfully presenting cases before the Employment Courts throughout Cyprus, both on behalf of employers and employees. Over the years we have acquired the required expertise in liaising with the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, as well as with Trade Unions and Employers’ Associations.

Areas in which we also excel involve the negotiation and drafting of tailor-made contracts of employment, collective agreements, as well as, structuring of various codes of conduct and obligations both for employers and employees, as well as employers’ handbooks, internal regulations and industrial manuals, whatever the nature of the business in question, always taking into account protection of employees, employment policy considerations and health and safety issues.

Real Estate Law

Our firm can assist in the negotiation, drafting and execution of sale, purchase and leasing agreements, tailored for local and international, corporate and individual clients. Over the years our Lawyers have acquired extensive knowledge on all procedural steps regarding the sale, acquisition, disposal and conveyance of private and commercial property, also liaising and facilitating the approval process with the Tax Department, Land Registry Office and all other local and governmental authorities.

Rental Control

Our experienced Lawyers can also assist our clients, whether landlord(s) or tenant(s), in protecting their rights in matters related to property, ranging from the negotiation, drafting and execution of rental and leasing contracts, to matters such as recovery of possession in general, as well as recovery of possession of ‘controlled rented property’ by ‘statutory tenants’, rent review, as well as fair rent determination and rent arrears claims before the Rent Control Courts.

Family Law

Our firm enjoys a history of 28 years in this sensitive area of practice. Our Lawyers have always taken great effort in negotiating with our clients, using also the help of external professionals such as child-psychologists and family consultants, in an effort to find real-life solutions, which help our clients and their family members, to move forward and regain their lives. Our efforts in cases involving minors, are centered to their best interest, trying to resolve matters in the most amicable, stress-free and economic way.

Our Lawyers are well-equipped to handle the full range of family law disputes, such as:

  • Separation and divorce.
  • Asset and financial division.
  • Child and Spouse Alimony.
  • Child custody and communication rights.
  • Paternity actions.
  • Adoption.
  • Injunctive relief, modifications and all other ancillary matters.

Criminal Law

Our Lawyers are well-equipped to handle various types of criminal offences, ranging from minor, such as road traffic offences, to serious offences, such as fraud, crimes in relation to property, drug offences, rape and serious felonies. Our focus in this sensitive area of practice is the protection of our clients’ rights, securing the right to a fair trial and securing the most lenient outcome possible.

Other areas of litigation handled by our Firm in the past 28 years include:

  • All aspects of civil litigation.
  • Tort litigation involving all kinds of damage, injury or wrongful act, whether caused willfully, negligently or in circumstances involving strict liability.
  • Insurance disputes between Insurance companies and insured individuals or corporate bodies, representing such before court. We can also review and negotiate insurance policies and claims before resorting to litigation.
  • Medical negligence claims.
  • Personal injury claims.
  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Debt Recovery and Collection proceedings.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments or arbitral awards.

Corporate Services

Our corporate department is well equipped to offer solid advice and guidance on all matters related to corporate law, aiming to cater for each individual client’s needs, in the most cost-effective manner. What distinguishes our firm from our competitors is that, our corporate department has adopted an all-encompassing strategy, in order to achieve maximum tax optimization, asset protection, succession planning and corporate consolidation. Our team of fully qualified lawyers and associate accountants, auditors and tax experts, secure the level of professionalism and confidentiality required by our corporate clients.

The services offered by our corporate department range from, but are not limited to:

Incorporation of companies

Incorporation of any type of Cyprus entity, as well as other jurisdictions such as BVI, Malta, UK, Russia and Iran, utilizing the advantages of wider international tax planning. In addition we cater for Cyprus shelf companies.

On incorporation of the company we can supply company directors and shareholders with full documentation, properly certified and translated, such as certificate of registration, memorandum and articles of association, certificate of directors, shareholders and secretary, as well as certificate of the registered office address.

Registered Office and Secretarial Services

Provision of registered office address as well as company secretarial services.

Nominee Services

Provision of Cyprus-resident nominee shareholder(s) and director(s) either individual or corporate, to utilize the wide network of Cyprus double tax treaties.

Administration Services and Substance Solutions

Daily administration of the company involving amongst others, routine correspondence and postal services, translation services, preparation and execution of resolutions, payment of utility bills and invoices, record keeping, evidencing that the company is managed and controlled in Cyprus thus enhancing the substance of the company.

Banking Support Services

Liaison with all major Banks in Cyprus, as well as opening and management of bank accounts, thus securing nominal involvement of our clients, in time-consuming paperwork and procedures. Moreover we can assist clients with registration with the Income Tax and VAT authorities.

Accounting, Audit and Bookkeeping Services

Made to order the specific needs of each client, the accounting services we offer include but are not limited to; compiling and management of accounts, book keeping and reporting, invoice preparation and payments, payroll and social insurance payments, as well as, preparation and submission of VAT returns. In addition we cater for annual audited financial statements, prepared on our behalf, by an associate independent licensed audit firm, unless the client specifies an audit firm of their preference.

International Tax Planning, Cyprus Tax Planning and VAT

Delivered via our tax expert partners, providing practical and tax-efficient guidance and solutions, to corporate and individual clients, in the context of both international and local transactions, in order to achieve maximum tax optimization.

Legal and Fiscal Regulatory Compliance

We offer advice to company director(s) and shareholder(s) on compliance matters, quoting the relevant regulations introduced post-crisis in an effort to alleviate the turmoil of the financial crisis and increase consumer protection, which resulted to stricter compliance control of financial services firms, in order to protect companies from fines, sanctions and other measures stemming from the lack of regulatory compliance.

Reorganization, Insolvency and Liquidation of Companies

We offer advice to company directors and shareholders, company creditors and insolvency practitioners, both on pre-insolvency considerations, on matters such as wrongful trading and director’s duties, to strategies for corporate recovery, including corporate finance, share transfers, the buying and selling of public and private companies and businesses, divisions and re-organizations, Mergers and Acquisitions, setting up of joint ventures, as well as on all aspects of insolvency procedures and litigation and liquidation of companies. Last but not least we offer advice in Corporate Restructuring, involving cross-border transactions, such as group restructuring and transfer of corporate seats, governed by wider tax planning considerations.

Commercial contracts and Agreements

Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of commercial contracts and agreements, regardless of the nature of the transaction in question, for both corporate and individual clients. Upon request we can also offer advice on the terms and obligations arising from a contract, both at the pre-drafting, to the actual drafting stage, as well as explaining the consequences of contractual breach, to the filing of contractual claims in Court for damages.

Intellectual Property Rights

We offer advice and guidance on all matters related to Intellectual Property protection, ranging from but not limited to; registry searches and registration, clearance, enforcement and exploitation, prosecution and passing off of domestic and international trade names, trademarks, patents and industrial designs.

Fiduciary Services

We are dedicated in offering quality advice in the management and administration of estates and trusts, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Drawing upon the wider tax planning and asset protection considerations, the possibility of incorporating trusts within corporate structures is of prime importance in today’s fast-changing regulatory environment.

Probates and Wills

Our services in the area of Trust Law include:

  • Advice on various types of trusts, such as commercial, charitable, private and purpose trusts.
  • Advice on trustee duties and liabilities.
  • Reviewing, negotiation and drafting of trust deeds and escrow agency agreements.
  • Establishment, resettlement, restructuring and termination of trusts.
  • International trust formation.
  • Offering Trustee Services.
  • Acting in contentious and non-contentious trust disputes.


Our firm enjoys a long history of 28 years in the drafting and execution of wills and in dealing with the administration of estates, also undertaking probate and re-sealing work. Over the years we have become very familiar with all procedures required to administrate the estate of a deceased person, whether in Cyprus or abroad and we are confident to advise foreigners living in Cyprus, on the planning, drafting and execution of international trusts, to cater for their estate, offering trustee services for such estates. Moreover our Lawyers are well experienced in probate litigation and estate litigation involving will contests, when grounds for doubting the authenticity of a will exist and.

Immigration Services

Our Immigration department is well-equipped to assist clients who seek to obtain Cypriot citizenship and residence permits in Cyprus. The services offered by our immigration department start with the initial assessment of the eligibility of interested candidates, to consultation on the requirements and the application procedure, to the review of the candidate’s documents in preparation of the application and obtaining any missing documents, to the submission of the application to the relevant authorities and to monitoring the status of the application under examination.  Our aim is to facilitate and expedite the application process, ensuring that our clients’ applications are completed and submitted accurately. Over the years we have acquired the required know-how of liaising with the Immigration Department, Labour Department and all other local and governmental authorities.

Services offered include:

  • Individual and collective applications.
  • Acquisition of Permanent Residence Permits (Category F)
  • Temporary Residence Permits.
  • Employment Permits for individuals as well as executive directors and managerial staff.
  • Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by Exception.

Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment.

This category of naturalization is granted to foreign investors and their spouse and children, as well as financially dependent adult children. Candidates are usually highly qualified and reputable entrepreneurs, looking for an alternative base for their business and access to the European Union.

The latest revision of the procedure and financial criteria for foreign investors, who wish to obtain Cyprus citizenship, has been announced by the Council of Ministers on 13/09/16, providing even more favorable options of investing in Cyprus and greater flexibility.

Acquisition of Residency by Investment.

Selecting the appropriate residency program is critical for clients who wish to obtain residency permits. Cyprus Residency by investment gives the right to non-EU nationals to permanently reside in Cyprus, with no renewal requirements. Alternatively EU nationals can obtain the right to reside permanently in Cyprus and include their non-EU family members.